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Situated right in the centre of Maribor is one of the largest and oldest classical wine cellars in Europe. With its rich winegrowing, winery and trade tradition Maribor’s Vinag continues its story. This winegrowing and winery tradition begun as early as 1847, when the nobleman Alojz Kriehuber from Melje begun cultivating wine and had a wine cellar built for this purpose. This is where you can, along with selected wines, discover the joys of refined wine culture.

When it was combined with an even older brewery cellar after World War II, it becomes the largest classic tunnel wine cellar in Central Europe below the city centre. The history of the cellar has been turbulent - it has survived many historical periods, changed several owners, experienced better and worse times; but at the height of its power, Vinag was one of the largest wine producers and exporters of the former Republic of Yugoslavia.

One of the biggest attractions of Vinag wine cellar is the wine archive, which currently holds the collection of 85,000 bottles of top-quality archival wine. This special wine is suitable for opening on birthdays, other anniversaries, upon achievements and personal success. With the help of a wine expert, you can find and buy suitable archival wine that perfectly fits your taste and represents the year that has a special meaning for you. Give an invaluable unique gift to yourself or your loved ones by buying Vinag special vintage wine.

Wine archive

»There is no other wine cellar of this kind in Slovenia and nobody disposes of such quantities and vintages.«

The most precious feature is undoubtedly the wine archive, where we keep bottles of the best vintages. Inside you can discover bottles from the year 1946, which in itself carries a rich story and history.

The wine archive occupies a special spot in the hearts of all wine connoisseurs and enthusiasts. Hidden and kept in wine archives around the world lay wine bottles of special vintages of unimaginable values. Through aging, wines of the highest quality gain flavour and aromas over the years, which again increases their value. Enjoy a stroll through our wine archive and witness history in the making.

To posebno vino je primerno za odprtje ob rojstnih dnevih, drugih obletnicah, dosežkih in osebnih obeležjih. S pomočjo vinskega strokovnjaka lahko poiščete in kupite vašemu okusu primerno arhivsko vino letnika, ki ima za vas poseben pomen, in s tem sebi ali svojim bližnjim poklonite neprecenljivo unikatno darilo.


Vinska klet Vinag 1847 je na tekmovanju “Somelierska selekcija 2021” prejela priznanje za vino Sauvignon, ki ga sommelierji priporočajo k špargljevim in zelenjavnim jedem.

We have participated in the 46. open national wine contest, Vino Slovenija Gornja Radgona 2020. In the competition we were awarded 6 medals, namely for our following wines:

  • Sauvignon (srebrna medalja)
  • Chardonnay (srebrna medalja)
  • Rose (srebrna medalja)
  • Rumeni muškat (srebrna medalja)
  • Mariborčan (srebrna medalja)
  • Mariborčanka (srebrna medalja)


  • Sauvignon: srebrna
  • Rose: srebrna
  • Mariborčanka: srebrna


  • Sauvignon: srebrna
  • Rose: bronasta
  • Mariborčanka: srebrna


The vineyards are owned by the Farmland and Forest Fund of the Republic of Slovenia. Vinag disposes of 52 ha of vineyards. We are cultivating in Podravje wine region, the following vineyards:

  • Gačnik
  • Šolsko
  • Ciringa
  • Pekel
  • Kresnica
  • Plač
  • Podigrac
  • Stožer
  • Počehova
  • Košaki
  • Mlinarič
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