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Sauvignon 0,75l


Sveže, elegantno vino nas navdušuje z intenzivnimi notami bezga, pasijonke, pušpana, črnega ribeza  in suhe trave. S sadnimi notami deluje v ustih živahno, sveže in polno. Z dolgim zorenjem na finih drožeh smo dosegli elegantno teksturo in mineralnost.

Crystal clear, strawy yellow colour with a green hue and denser texture.

Its accentuated aromas are reminiscent of vineyard peach, lime, elderflower, white rose, a delicate hint of almond, lemon balm and freshly cut grass.

The taste is dry, with emphasized freshness and minerality. Its intense flavours reveal the elegance of a wine with a medium structure and a long-lasting taste in which we can detect basil, green apple, white peach, and lime.

Food: sushi, dishes with a touch of Asia, also chicken dishes

Alcohol: 13,0%
Sugar level: 
Type: sauvignon

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