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Sparkling wine Kriehuber brut


Brilliant, golden yellow colour with a golden hue and many, tiny and persistent pearls.

Intense aromas remind us of a ripe yellow apple, mango, followed by the scent of bergamot and lemon. Eventually we notice marzipan, crispy pan brioche dough, butter and a hint of toasted toast.

The slightly sweet taste suggests that it is a semi-dry sparkling wine with a soft feel. The freshness is emphasized, and the bubbles elevate it, leaving a mineral aftertaste. The taste is balanced thanks to the residual sugar expressing into an elegant and long-lasting aftertaste of medium structure. Fruit perceptions, butter and hints of toast repeat on the palate.

Food: Asian fish dishes, young cow, and goat's cheeses, also tender, not too sweet cottage cheese-based desserts

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